10 Years KAIZEN GAMING Celebration

KAIZEN GAMING, one of the fastest growing game tech companies in Europe has turned 10 and celebrated their huge success in the gaming industry with an unforgettable event at Anassa City, a secret garden next to Katechaki Avenue.
Kaizen not only focuses on Technology, but they Put People First. The company now employs more than 800 people, while operating not only in Greece and Cyprus, but in more than 10 countries in Europe. Most of their success has been developed through covid years, so now was the time to celebrate as One Team and get to know each other in person away from their zoom meetings

Our goal was to put together inspiring and festive ideas, in order to create a celebration party for those 800 Kaizeners and adjust company’s values through the event's flow and set design.

This magical garden of Anassa City, was transformed into a festive party with fun interactive activities for the guests
A main stage with an Outdoor Led Screen was placed in the center of the 100 sqm garden and all the stage elements, such as lighting and screen animated graphics where inspired by the shape of the company’ s logo. Also, activity corners where created inspired by the company’s values, such as a basketball corner for the guests to mingle and a football corner with a plasma screen showing a few KAIZEN memories from the past 10 years.
The center piece of the event was a Huge physical tree which was enlightened with over than 100 led lamps and created a magical photo opportunity.
The placement of a central mirror bar brought all guests together, while they have danced by the sound of En Lefko DJs “Laternative" and DJ Konstantino Anasi and sang the latest hits by the performance of Alcatrash the Band.

The party was a huge success and all guest had a chance to celebrate, mingle and dance until the first late hours.