2023 ELEVSIS - International Press Conference
Client: 2023 Eleusis European Capital of Culture

ELEVSIS, the arrival of a notable someone.

This definition was our main inspiration for designing, planning and executing the International Press Conference for Eleusis, European Capital of Culture for 2023.

The event took place at the X-Bowling Art Center, a former bowling alley that was renovated and repurposed into a modern industrial space, to be used for cultural events throughout the year.

We designed a minimal yet bold setup, that highlighted the 2023 ELEVSIS brand identity, outlining the importance of the event and enhancing the guests’ experience. The open floor space was divided into three distinct areas (Registration, Cocktail Area and Presentation Area). The space was filled with photographs of the City of Eleusis and its unique ancient and post-industrial landmarks. A bold red route, inspired by the brand identity, led from the main area to the stage, symbolising the ancient sacred route from Athens to Eleusis used in the Eleusinian Mysteries.

The press conference kicked off with a warm welcome by the Chairwoman of the BoD of 2023 Eleusis and continued with addresses from top national and local government officials.
The main event was the presentation of the Artistic Programme by Michail Marmarinos, General Artistic Director of 2023 Eleusis. The presentation followed the city’s history, from ancient times to today, marking its importance in ancient and modern times and closed with a video, produced exclusively for the event.