90 Years Papastratos
Client: McCann - Momentum

Since 1931 Papastratos has emerged as one of the best and most pioneering companies in Greek industry. From Agrinio and Piraeus, to its acquisition by the largest multinational tobacco industry, to the last cigarette and the new era of IQOS, Papastratos has always been there to support the Greek economy and society through investments and offers throughout the 90-year course of.


To celebrate the company’s 90th anniversary we were invited to design, organize and execute a large production, which would correspond to the size and importance of the occasion. The hybrid event was organized at the company's facilities in Aspropyrgos with a view of the administration buildings and the main production unit. It hosted 100 guests from the Greek political, business and social scene. At the same time, the event was broadcast live on Papastratos' Facebook and YouTube accounts.


For the needs of the event, a 700sqm platform was set up at the entrance of the facilities, which hosted the main event and a short cocktail, which followed, always following all the rules against the pandemic. In the area of ​​the main event, a six-level stand hosted the guests, while the stage and stage elements were inspired by the circular shape of the company's logo, and the identity created specifically to celebrate the 90th anniversary. At the same time, on the back of the speaker  two large Outdoor HD LED screens were placed. An "upright garden", in its simplicity, harmoniously tied with the surrounding environment and the announcements about the sustainability strategy of Papastratos. The placement of the big logo of Papastratos was done with the guidance of its excellent view from the television cameras and its correct placement in the frame of the speaker.


Respectively, in order to accommodate the necessary audiovisual equipment and technicians, three towers were erected at a height of 10 meters. The lighting cover was specially designed to meet the needs of the event that took place outdoors, at sunset, with the lighting conditions changing every minute. The sound equipment was designed so that no problems occurred by sudden gusts of air, which are common on the location.


The flow of the event was based on the keynote speech of the President and CEO of Papastratos, Mr. Christos Harpantidis. The event started with the screening of a video that  narrated the long course of the company, using motion graphics and archival material, photos, videos and phrases by Evangelos Papastratos, explaining the company's contribution to the society and economy of Greece. Mr. Harpantidis' speech was accompanied by animations that filled the screens of the stage, summarizing the company's commitments for the strategy of sustainable development and the new large investment in the facilities in Aspropyrgos.


During the event, the video-manifesto of the company with the motto “BORN AGAIN" was also shown, referring to its future course as well as testimonials of Papastratos associates from politics, the business world and NGOs. Greetings were addressed by the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Pikrammenos, and the outgoing CEO of Philip Morris International, Mr. Andre Calantzopoulos.


The whole event was dressed with original music which accompanied both the speeches and the videos that were shown. The television coverage was made with 5 fixed cameras, a crane and a drone, which gave impressive shots of the event space, the facilities of Papastratos and the view to the bay of Elefsina. At the same time, the flow director and the tele-director worked in perfect synchronization for the best transmission of the event to the approximately 6,000 people who watched through social media.


After the speeches, some guests followed Mr. Harpantidis for a tour of the factory, where he presented where the investment of 1.5 million euros will be made, while the rest continued on to the specially designed cocktail area.