A Virtual ESG SUMMITfor Action by MYTILINEOS

YARD, in  collaboration with UNLIMITED CREATIVITY & V&O, designed, planned and executed the production of the first ever online and international event of ESG (Environment, Social and Government) Summit entitled NET ZERO ACTION from challenge to opportunity for accelerated and sustainable value creation. Chairman and CEO of MYTILINEOS, Mr. Evangelos Myilineos, opened up the event with an online interview with Bloomberg by setting the company’s strategic goals for a neutral carbon footprint by 2050. Also, highly esteemed speakers, representatives of international business and institutions, have shared their insights on sustainability, addressed critical issues around climate change, and exchanged views on the actions that need to be taken, moving towards to a net zero future.

The minimal set design and televised art direction was inspired by the company's corporate nature and aesthetics with the use of bold and signature materials. Minimal furniture with modern details was constructed and placed on set illuminated with the latest technology. Moreover, emphasis was given on the ESG element which was materialized on set through the installation of a real tree combined with unique lighting direction.

Finally, a special LED screen was installed at the back of the set from which creative visual material represented the event's key visual identity as well as the events’ speakers, in order to provide an immersive experience, not only to the MYTILINEOS’ participants, but also to the worldwide viewers throught the live-streaming link.

February 18th, 2021 is a huge milestone for MYTILINEOS as they became the first Greek company to lead the way towards a greener and more environmentally friendly industry, according to ESG (Environment, Social and Government) performance indices.