AEGEAN - AIRBUS Signing Ceremony
Client: Aegean Airlines



AEGEAN Airlines in cooperation with V+O, gave us the opportunity design, implement, coor- dinate and produce the signing ceremony with Airbus for the order of 42 new A320neo aircrafts, at AEGEAN’s Technical Base Building in the national airport.
The 400 VIP guests, from politics and media, passed through an impressive gate, which paved their way, from the runway to the building.
As they were coming closer to the entrance 2 aircrafts of AEGEAN and Olympic Air were placed on the runway, while AEGEAN hostesses welcomed them.
The building was separated in two areas, for the hosting and ceremonial part of the event.
An imposing and high-tech set design, using materials that are commonly found on aircrafts, like metal and polycarbonate surfaces along with a 25 meter HD led screen projecting 5K content and videos, completed the presentational area.
While on the other half of the hall, a cocktail reception was set, with metallic and concrete elements.