ANT1 New Program Presentation 2017 - 2018
Client: ANT1 TV

To develop and implement the presentation ceremony for ANT1's 2017-2018 TV schedule. The main focus was to embrace ANT1's new campaign and bring forward its key message in the most effective way. We created an impressive set up with enlightened installations on the foyer and with an enormous white ramp as the continuation of the big screen on the main stage as well.
The event's opening act was an impressive theatrical dance performance. The dancer interacted with video projection on stage, underlining the concept and graphics of the new campaign.
Minutes before the closure of the performance, all protagonists of the new program performed an impressive catwalk, dominating the stage.
A party with festive mood and an uplifting dj set was held for the Greek media & marketing market. It was repeated the next day in order to be watched by ANT1's employees' as well.