Assos Launch @ Renovated Papastratos Factory
Client: Philip Morris International


To design and execute an emotionally moving event for the revival of the original Assos cigarette brand inside the most challenging venue. The event was hosted at the old Papastratos factory, which was brought to life from scratch. Within a period of 2 months the abandoned building was transformed into a breathtaking venue that deeply touched the guests. Guided tours were held inside the temporary museum created to demonstrate Papastratos’s history, while the old warehouse was turned into an impressive presentation room with a 62 sq.m. of led screen and an imposing stage with multiple levels. The presentation for the revival of the Assos brand was a multilevel event that mixed harmoniously narratives from actors, tailor made videos with materials retrieved from careful archive research and interactive speeches from keynote speakers all over the warehouse. The new Assos campaign, that relies on the portraits of consumers, was successfully  communicated to the guests through a custom made photo application that allowed their faces to be projected on a gigantic projection of 420 sq.m. on the facade of the main building. The event was completed with an open air party in the factory yard, under the ever cheerful sound of the Maraveyas Illegal band.