"Childhood Dreams Build The Future" - MINION Illumination 2021
Client: DIMAND

In November 2021, approximately 40 years after MINION’s closure, this legendary building located at Pattision avenue known as one of the biggest department stores in Athens, is about to reinovate by DIMAND S.A.  In December 2021, Dimand in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens invited us to visit this historic building in order to design, create and execute a festive illumination.

Our goal was to give hope to the citizens of Athens and anticipation for the Christmas holidays, but mostly to create buzz over this symbolic building which reminds people their youth and innocent years of their lives and as a result to enhance the rebirth of Patission Avenue by giving life again to this area that for many years was one of the biggest shopping centers next to the square of Omonia.

For this project, we had the opportunity to collaborate with a group of amazing people and artists, in order to design and illuminate an urban gem in the center of Athens.

At the end of the day, ‘’Childhood Dreams Build The Future’’ is a project that enlighted our souls and fullfilled our hearts with radiance and optimism.