Coca Cola 3E Innovation Day 2015
Client: Coca Cola 3E


To design, organize and implement the 2days event “Innovation Day 2015”, which is  Coca-Cola 3E’s  annual innovative meeting with clients, collaborators and company’s executives, targeting to generate all together new applicable ideas for Market's Activation that respond to customers' needs and for an enhanced buying experience. The actual challenge was to transform the venue into 4 “virtual” market areas, such as Cafe-Bar,  Super Market, Quick Service Restaurant and Bakery, and create a realistic market feeling to guests during their visit for the brainstorming procedure. The mentioned market areas were designed and created with premium tailor made constructions, as well as with real elements, furniture, props and products we usually find in the actual points of sale. Some special gimmicks were also used in order to further elevate the experience and realism, such as professional graphic designers instantly sketching the ideas, and real performers acting as consumers inside the areas.