COSMOTE Lady Gaga ARTPOP Ball Athens



To create a unique branding approach and a series of captivating interactive activations to match with the look and feel of Lady Gaga's Artpop Ball concert concept.

The branding designed for the project was daring and innovative. It was applied to 94 different spots inside and around the OAKA stadium. At the same time, three COSMOTE installations were produced and operated with the intent to enthuse the audience and add some fun to the overexciting concert atmosphere.

Just before entering the stadium, people were invited to a 30 seconds pre-show party by walking through a tailor made tunnel with a surprise element. The tunnel was an innovative light and colour project, based on 40 different sized spheres that invited people get in the concert mood. For those who entered the VIP area, a special make-up station gave them the chance to add UV elements to their looks and enjoy the concert in a super garnished mood. Finally, there were amazing animated photos for everyone, as the audience was invited to get photoshot and receive their moving images as a memorabilia.

A crew of 38 people and a promotional team of 28 handlers worked together to create a unique, welcoming and celebrating atmosphere for over 25.000 people who became a part of the concert.