DEI Retail Rebranding
Client: National Power Company (DEI)

In 2020, in collaboration with DDB Athens, we embarked on the mission to bring NPC’s retail spaces into the new era of the company, following their major rebranding.

The concept design took in consideration all the major changes the company had made in their way of working and interacting with their customers. We chose to use material that are friendly to the environment and the visitors. Dynamic design used differentiation in the materials to assign spaces to the people working and clients. We chose to present the new brand identity with decorative elements and digital media. The store’s facade was redone to make for a modern way for the new identity to welcome visitors.

Some of the new design’s key elements were the lighting centrepiece, that draws inspiration from the company’s round logo and colours, the new customer service furniture that resemble the lighting patterns that can be met on the new corporate identity and, of course, the employee’s work and rest areas that were remodeled in a fresh way, for the first time in NPC’s history.

After completing the concept design in a few months, we were assigned to bring the concept to life in NPC’s first model store in Maroussi, Athens. Working tightly with architects, mechanical engineer’s and NPC’s housing department, we were able to transform the store from an antiquated venue into a retail space, worthy of the company’s reach into the future. Construction works lasted less than three months, while all electric, lighting and air-conditioning equipment was replaced and both interior and exterior spaces were remodelled.