Dixons South East Europe "Journey Through Technology"
Client: Gravity The Newtons & Momentum for Dixons South East Europe


To design, plan and execute a multifaceted journey with ties to technology in order to celebrate the anniversary for the 65 years of the Kotsovolos brand in Greece and its dominant presence in the market of electric appliances. The event created was an ambitious project indeed, since it involved the creative transformation of more than 1.150 sq.m. into 3 separately functioning stations that worked openly for the public for 33 hours. Station No1 was an impressive Museum of Technology  - the first ever in Greece - that hosted 166 unique electric appliances with origins from the past, the present and the future. Within a purely futurist environment with exclusively tailor made constructions, the visitors had the chance to enjoy guided tours and expert counselling, learning all they needed about technology from its earliest steps till today. Station No2 was a shape-shifting interactive space that was created to host 3 special seminars and 4 interactive activations with the intent to maximize the visitors experience and engage them actively to all kinds of technological aspects of everyday life. A whole floor was of course dedicated to kids with lots of imaginative action for them. The set design was once more futuristic and most importantly transformative, since this space had to go through more than 11 changeovers within 3 days to play along with its heavy schedule. Station No3 was an expression room where expert talks by technology gurus and a very cool avant premiere for the new Steve Jobs movie took place.