ELVAL @ Aluminium Expo 2022
Client: ELVAL

The Aluminium Expo is the biggest annual aluminium expo in Greece. We were tasked to design and construct ELVAL’s presence in the expo, taking into consideration the company’s leading position in the aluminium rolling industry globally.

The challenge was to create something unique that would stand out and highlight the quality of ELVAL’s aluminium, its various uses in key markets and its ability to be recycled and minimal environmental impact.

We started with creating a hanging sculpture to symbolise the eternal process of recycling, by imitating the infinity symbol. The sculpture was visible throughout the expo hall to mark ELVAL’s position.

A large LED screen was used to showcase ELVAL’s high quality processes through the industry’s trends, while two long tables in the center highlighted the use of ELVAL’s aluminium in four key markets. This was done through original videos that incorporated the infinity theme and 3D printed props.

Expo guests were welcomed at the bar and lounges, where short meetings could take place, while the construction was topped off with plant arrangements. The central arrangement was adorned with a specially modified tree that symbolised the interconnection of aluminium and nature.

All constructions were made using ELVAL’s aluminium sheets in ways that they are not usually applied. All furniture was dressed in aluminium giving a unique finish and feel throughout the space.