We were assigned the design, planning, production and execution of the launch for the election campaign of Manfred Weber, the chairman of the European People’s Party (EPP) and lead candidate for President of the European Commission. 


The event was held on April 23rd, 2019 at Zappeion Megaron, a symbolic Athenian venue of Democracy.


The set design created a modern technological event that transcended time. 


The concept was to create a 360o high quality moving image in the Peristylion.

At the center of the Peristylion, a circular stage was placed to coincide with the circular hall.

On stage, a sleek podium took focus, crafted in contemporary lines with the powerful 'WE' cut out in 3d letters. 

A huge high definition LED screen was placed at the top side of the atrium while 6 smaller LED screens were placed between the columns of the Peristylion, thus achieving a circular view.

The most challenging element of the set was, by far, the mechanism of the opening LED screens in order to create an impressive gate for mr. Manfred Weber’s entrance on stage.

The event took off with a powerful intro act which comprised of 3 parts.

The 1st part opened with an establishing intro video with night scenes from monumental Athenian landmarks, followed by a performance of a group of drummers which eventually led to the screening of the campaign video.

The intro act was built on the main music theme of the campaign video 'The Power of We' and with the use of sound design and composition we created the musical bridge that led us to the entrance of mr. Weber.

The light design was a key feature of the event and did set the appropriate mood with a mixture of techniques used to highlight each important moment.