EquiFund - The European Investment Fund
Client: The European Investment Fund

The European Investment Fund asked us to design, implement, coordinate and produce a conference at the Onassis Cultural Centre, where they presented EquiFund, the fund of funds, that will circulate more than 300mn euros in the Greek SME and Start-up ecosystems. We designed a modern and dynamic stage design that focused on the lighting direction, while keeping the set relatively simple, in a way that the speakers and panel participants would be the centre of the attention. Outside the main hall we branded the areas of the OCC in order to showcase the campaign that was prepared for the event and allow much space for the circulation of the people and networking sessions during the breaks. The setup was complete in only 6 hours, which was the biggest challenge we had to face.
More than 1200 people preregistered to attend the event through the website and the registration process that was created specifically for the event and the variety of entrepreneurs, fund managers, researchers and public servants that were expected to attend. At the event, around 1000 people attended filling the main stage of the OCC, as well as the secondary stage where a live feed was relayed. People who were not able to attend could watch the livestream through EquiFund’s website.
The media coverage that the event received was extensive, even with the Prime Minister’s attendance and Q&A during the event. The European Investment Fund, as well as the Government, the Onassis Foundation and NBG, who sponsored the event, were most proud for the result and the case we made for EquiFund that was shown to the Greek diaspora in more than 12 countries through the live feed.