The 10th-anniversary event of FORTUNE Greece was a grand celebration that brought together industry leaders, innovators and visionaries from the Greek entrepreneurship and beyond.

Held on July 12th, this milestone event marked a decade of FORTUNE in Greece, an unwavering commitment to insightful business journalism and its impact on shaping the global business landscape.

The event took place at the Experience Center of the Ellinikon, an innovative venue known for its upcoming and fast-growing development, which provided the perfect backdrop for this memorable occasion. Our goal for this event was to create a memorable and sentimental dinner gala, a huge celebration that included important speeches from the founding members sharing their expertise, Fortune experiences and visions for the future, inspiring speeches and wishes from renowned speakers from various sectors, the award nomination of the 2023 Most Admired Companies (MAC) and an immersive celebratory party to remember.

The event was a great success, and the 350 guests had the opportunity to network, celebrate, and exchange ideas for the future.

Thank you Fortune Greece for this collaboration!