Google Arts & Culture x EYCH
Client: Google Greece



In order to celebrate their collaboration with the European Commission for the European Year of Cultural Heritage, Google Arts & Culture decided to host a party at the Lighthouse of the SNFCC.


We were tasked with transforming the Lighthouse into a party venue, representing the values of Google Arts & Culture while staying true to the architecture of the space.


Natural materials such as wood, metal and glass were used to provide with large surfaces that could be used to unfold the campaign’s colourful character. A low stage was set up to accommodate speeches and presentations by top Googlers, Government and Commission officials and YouTubers from European countries that represent different aspects of Cultural Heritage. A large HD LED Screen was used to run videos, prepared by Google, that showcased how culture connects different people with different backgrounds and origins.


On the other side of the room, guests had the chance to interact with Google’s cultural platform on different mediums, such as computers, phones and tablets. Tilt Brush, Google’s VR painting platform, allowed guests to paint in a 3D environment getting inspiration from what culture means to them. A Greek artist also doodled on the spot, creating a work of art inspired by the evening’s themes with the help of guests that were eager to participate in creating a cultural collage.


All around the Lighthouse, a variety of furniture was used for the guests’ seating. Vintage sofas and armchairs were mixed with more modern and clean-cut high tables and stools to create a lounge area where guests could watch the presentations and hang out when it was time to party to the DJ’s music.


The set was topped up with colourful props and branding on the venue’s windows that transformed the Lighthouse into a youthful representation of European Culture, welcoming guests from all over Europe to ignite inspiring conversations and party in the most fun ways like picking up a guitar and sketching something up really quick on a piece of paper.


The food was carefully curated to display Greek cuisine with a twist and the cocktails were selected to echo the vibes of European cities while offering highly instagrammable photos from a night that celebrated the European Year of Cultural Heritage in the most representing way possible.