HERACLES @ Construction Expo 2019
Client: HERACLES, Group of Companies - LafargeHolcim



The challenge to stand out in a busy expo environment is what motivated the designs for LafargeHolcim’s stand at the Construction Expo 2019. The design was inspired by how people consider a concrete quarry and it aimed to create a unique space with high aesthetics that would showcase the size and position of the companies of the group in the construction and architecture worlds.

The main entrance of the stand was designed with uphill walls on either side to give the sense of entering a quarry. There we showcased photographs of the company’s long history that connects them with the history of Greece. Visitors were then introduced to two large meeting rooms with lounge setups and then to the main area of the stand, where they had the chance to review products and services. Last but not least, the exit was decorated with the company’s signature cement bags that were stacked on either side of the main aisle. There, the journey from the entrance of the quarry to the final product was concluded.

We built a 192 sq.m. stand out of materials that resembled the concrete plaques made by LafargeHolcim and used in numerous large-scale constructions around the world, complete with cement reinforcements as decorative elements. This created a space that inspired trust and confidence to the visitors, while showcasing the group’s products. The brand’s recognition were also apparent throughout the stand with minimal, instantly recognisable logos on all four sides. Plants, white furniture and wooden elements completed the set, creating a hospitable environment for all visitors.

Four 8K screens were used to show videos of the companies’ work, through their employees, CSR programs and large-scale projects, while a 6m long bar offered coffee, refreshments and drinks.