Client: Le Spot Group Albania

JUTH is a youth marketing initiative launched by a telecommunications company in Albania. In order to further communicate it, LeSpot Group Albania initiated the campaign by inviting all teenagers to join the it-party of the city. Instagram and several bus stops were filled with call to action messages and teaser information about the artists that were to perform at the event. People were prompted to download the JUTH app in order to receive the invitation that would give them access to the party.

We were assigned the design, planning, production and execution of the event. Our task was to turn a venue of monumental importance into the absolute go-to party hub that was attended by more than 6000 people.

Thanks to a creative and thoroughly thought set design, the exterior of the building was transformed by setting up 17-meter-high asymmetric panels with embedded LED monitors that enabled people to view the party from the streets. The most prominent element of the facade, however, was a custom square shaped disco ball that carried the JUTH logo in neon on each side and was placed on top of the entrance.

Once guests were inside the venue, they had to walk through an interactive hallway filled with robotic lights. Their movement was based on the tempo of a mysterious tune. This created a unique feeling and further enhanced the anticipation of the party.

Moreover, the hallway that led to the main area was also filled with with LED tubes that changed colours according to the status of the party.

The main area was fully covered with massive black surfaces which carried custom LED installations. This was an element of importance as they created an impressive light show in coordination with music, during and at the climax of the event.

The main stage was designed followed by a similar logic. Lights were placed around a 100sq LED screen that reacted according to the rest of the light show and action on stage.

The branding was also spread through imaginative and creative ways - either on the LED screens in the form of abstract videos or by posting big collages on the surfaces of the venue. 

Finally, several photo-booths with creative installations and props were placed all over the venue, giving people the chance to get photographed and share their moments on social media.