Kaizen Campus #onespace created for a great #oneteam

This event was about celebrating the entrance of Kaizeners to their brand new home, Kaizen Campus at Maroussi.

Our goal was to create a welcoming and friendly environment, where Kaizeners had the opportunity to enjoy the building reveal and explore their new offices. An extraordinary light show was the highlight of the night inspired by the Kaizen Campus ‘’vision’’ for a great #onespace to grow and embrace the future.

YARD was assigned to create, design and execute the concept and set design, to produce and fully manage this event and co-ordinate all teams.
The project management of the event, also included among others: facilitation of 900 guests, drinks and treats, music, audiovisual and dj set, design and construction of unique instagrammable spots and neon installations and above all to create unique #oneteam moments.