Kotsovolos Flaghsip Store Opening
Client: Momentum for Dixons South East Europe

To create a singular event that would attract all attention in order to bring into focus the opening of the Kotsovolos Flagship Store in downtown Athens. The idea was simple, yet very effective. What if we turned the store’s facade into a big screen? How would people react? Following this thread of thought, the front side of the store was turned into a massive LED screen of 50 sq.m. The impressive installation was intentionally rolled over the building’s corner to obtain architectural depth and spread the effect strategically to even more people. The screen was filled with high end tech videos, which transformed the store’s entrance into a technological portal and invited passer-bys to enter. The idea worked as a powerful outdoor with constantly moving image and was easily perceived by everyone either during day or night, either from a distance or at close view. Hundreds of people captured it through their cameras and thousands of them entered the store. The installation was rated as extremely succesful by the client, who requested that it should remain on air for 2 more days.