Kotsovolos Thanks to Tech
Client: Momentum for Dixons South East Europe


To design, arrange and execute  - for the second year in a row - Dixons South East Europe’s most prominent exhibition with ties to technology. The “Future" had to be our main focus, as the exhibition’s primary goal was to share with the visitors the coolest technology news, alluring them with a glimpse of what is yet to come. To set the proper mood, an all black space of 1200 sq.m. was transformed into an inspiring futuristic landscape that hosted for 10 days more than 110 devices, among which 40 prototypes straight from R&D labs. Visitors entered the venue through a LED tunnel and could browse through 6 distinct sections, each one devoted to a particular group of devices. LED technology was heavily deployed as a key element to bring out the proper lighting and help the visitors sink into the future. All devices were displayed on custom constructions that were specially designed with the intent to fit in the shape of the venue, while facilitating the visitor’s flow at the same time.