Kotsovolos Thanks to Tech 2017
Client: Momentum for Dixons South East Europe


To design, arrange and execute  - for the third year in a row - Dixons South East Europe’s most prominent technological exhibition of future household appliances. This year’s exhibition theme was parallel universes and inspired by the minimality of the outer space we created the scenery of the exhibition. For the entrance and main household exhibits' area, we created a white space of continuous, curved structures with hidden led lights. Towards the exit and gaming area of the exhibition, we worked with the black colour of the exhibition hall to create a dark atmospheric set, highlighted with a set of led panels that illuminated the way to the exit. With more than 200 exhibits and 30.000 visitors, this 3-week exhibition made a strong statement about the future of smart household appliances, gadgets, tv’s, games and many more to come.