For the 4th consecutive year, we were assigned the design, production and execution of Dixons South East Europe’s (Kotsovolos) most prominent technological exhibition of household appliances, ‘Thanks To Tech’.


The year’s theme explored the notion of Senses.


Through our experiential design, we created a rich setup, in the 1000 sqm exhibition Hall on the 4th floor of THE MALL Athens in Marousi.


The visitors’ Senses were stimulated with five main bold, bright colours that were applied throughout the structures, walls and floors of the exhibition and differentiated the various brands and the nine main areas of interest.


An attractive 20sqm, LED screen, was featured as the main attraction in the entrance front of the exhibition and was used to display a vivid animation of the promo key visual and information about the opening hours of the presentation.


One of this year’s highlights, was the bright neon signs that came in different colours and verbs that applied to the key concept of Senses, like SENSE, FEEL, SEE, PLAY, LISTEN.


The lead protagonist of the exhibition was the sound section, were we used natural wood surfaces and materials, to recreate the warm feel and sense of perfect acoustics of that of a music hall or professional sound studio.


November 5th, 2018, was the official press opening event and then the exhibition remained open to the public for two weeks, from November 9th until November 18th.


More than 20.000 visitors came to the exhibition to view, over 200 home appliances that were on display.