KOTSOVOLOS @ XENIA Exhibition 2021
Client: Dixons South - East Europe

On the occasion of the annual Xenia exhibition, an exhibition dedicated to the hospitality industry, a simulation of a hotel facility was conceptualised, designed and produced by YARD.

The scope of the project was to present a boutique hotel with contemporary design. Τhe areas of interest included a hotel front desk and lobby area, a cafe - restaurant area, a bedroom and a conference room and each room provided live solutions for hotel professionals.
Dixons South - East Europe (Kotsovolos), demonstrated the K2B brand that empowers businesses and provides solutions in the hotel equipment sector in terms of appliances and IT solutions.

The main design principles incorporated earthy colours and indoor plants, minimal wooden surfaces, modern furniture, ambient lighting and plasma screens while the interconnection of these rooms allowed a smooth flow for visitors.
The areas connected with wooden vertical and horizontal beams with a repeating pergola-type module. The use of plants gave a sustainable touch for the visitors.
Details that imitate premium material such as marble and gold were used to create a high-end hospitality experience.

This hotel facility simulation provided visitors a “real - life” experience as every room was totally functional and available for visitors to have a real time trial of Kotsovolos’ technologies for the hospitality business.
The expo kiosk occupied a remarkable surface of 190 sqm holding a leading position in the exhibition in the main entrance of Hall 1.