Mondelez Chocolate Museum - Pavlidis Bitter
Client: Asset Ogilvy for Mondelez International



To make real a unique idea for the celebration of the 150 years of the oldest Greek chocolate bar. More than 15.000 people visited the first Chocolate Museum in Greece that was uniquely designed and lasted for 3 days. Order, safety and a little bit of patience guaranteed that each one of the visitors had the opportunity to enjoy the rich content of the Museum. A historical retrospect including exhibits, banners, ground plans and many more historical elements guided the crowd through the course of chocolate from 19th century till today. A simulation of the production line explained, step by step, the different phases through which chocolate goes while in factory until the moment that it finally ends up in our familiar package. A special designed machine offered the visitors a bar of chocolate at the mere push of a button. Guided tours, held in groups of 50 people, gave visitors the opportunity to dive into a variety of information about chocolate and their favorite brand. A packaging exhibition designed by students of BAKALO intrigued visitors to vote for the best design. Children played, laughed, entertained themselves, ate countless bars of chocolates and created memorabilia at the Kids Area of the Chocolate Museum.