Nike Air Max Day
Client: NIKE


To take the "Air Max day”celebration to the next level and create an unprecedented launch for the new Vapormax shoe. The set up of the event was specifically designed to deliver the airy feeling of the Air Max brand. A photography exhibition was created with 5 unique aerial shots framed in custom-made backlit constructions that served as the centrepiece of the scenography. The shots were captured by drone by the photographer/architect Costa Spathi aka Spathumpa and represented 5 favourite locations appointed by NIKE's 5 influencers, YATZER, MIKRI OLLANDEZA, YOULIKA SKAFIDA, SAME84 & ANASTASIA KARAKATSANI. The highlight of the event was the impressive VAPORMAX launch, where the shoe flew in with a drone and landed in a illuminated platform in front of the amazed crowd. Other elements of the event consisted of various sharable assets, such as the Balloon photobooth and the ground to top floor balloon and poster installations.