Nike Basketball Lounge @ Antetokounbros 2017
Client: Nike Hellas

To celebrate Giannis and Thanassis Antetokounmpo's exhibition game with their friends against the 2005 Greek National Basketball Team, we created a special place for all things basketball at the Wall of Nations at OAKA.

An 80 sqm. Nike Pavilion welcomed all attendees to the main game. Inside the Pavilion, 36 Nike Basketball Heritage Shoes were presented in a unique setup. Right opposite, the future of Basketball was shown to the Greek public for the first time: visitors were able to be the first ones to try on the new Nike Hyperdunk and the Jordan Superfly. On the other side, an impressive videobooth application invited all guests to pass a ball around before assisting Giannis to dunk and score!

During the day, 24 teams of young ballers were there to participate on a 3x3 basketball tournament that went on for 7 hours. A basketball court was placed just outside the pavilion just for the occasion. The finalists were coached by Giannis and Thanasis themselves and played the final game during the main game’s halftime.

More than 1,000 members were invited to the lounge to pick up their wristband that guaranteed them entry to the exhibition game, along with a unique kit, that celebrated the “We are all bros” mentality.

Of course, the men of the hour were there. Giannis, Thanassis and Konstantinos Antetokounmpo visited the Nike Basketball Lounge right before their game, to greet and talk with their fans and all young ballers. After a short dunking exhibition and a bit of 3x3 action with some of the tournament participants, they moved into the lounge where they were introduced to the heritage shoes by a sneakers expert.

A DJ was playing the whole day, and the party went on way after the main game was over with people visiting the lounge, hanging around and playing some basketball.