NIKE - Greek Freak Celebration
Client: NIKE

To celebrate in the most awe inspiring way the great achievement of the Greek Freak, Giannis Antetokounbo, who became the first Greek player to take part in the NBA All Star Game. His rapid evolution into an international basketball star and his amazing personality called for an activation that would reflect both the magnitude of his talent and the pride of all Greek people for his success story. Sepolia, the neighbourhood where Giannis grew up and played basketball as a young boy, became the epicentre and the specific court was covered with an epic graffiti designed by the artist Same84. The graffiti showcased Giannis in a classic ready-to-dunk move in his Milwaukee Bucks outfit. The project execution took 3 days and was carefully designed so as the court could be fully functional after the graffiti would be completed. The whole process was time-lapsed. The final design was celebrated with 3 hero shots  from above that were distributed to the social media, achieving major reach through publics and becoming a trending topic within only a few hours.