NIKE ZOOM FREAK Global Launch - International Press event
Client: NIKE


We were assigned the design and implementation of the production for the Main international Press event for the Nike Zoom Freak1 Launch. The event hosted approximately 150 guests that sat on a semi-circular bleacher designed to follow the shape of the Peristilio. At the center of the Peristilion we created an imposing circular stage for the speakers and on it we placed a unique pedestal, lookalike of the doric columns that are a distinctive element of the architecture of the Peristilion. For the display of the new Zoom Freak1 shoes we created 4 unique pedestals with 3d elements from the story of the design of the shoe. We dressed the perimeter of the Peristilio with extra large printed banners with the key artwork for the Nike Zoom Freak and created a 360 experience for the guests, combining the monumental with the contemporary.