NIKE ZOOM FREAK Global Launch - Mount Olympus
Client: NIKE


We were assigned by NIKE and Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, the planning, production design and execution of the ad campaign video that was released few days prior to the official launch of Giannis’ signature shoe, Zoom Freak I.

For this project we created a unique basketball hoop that was placed for 24 hours on the top of Mount Olympus, one of the highest points in Greece and home of the Greek Gods at 2911m altitude.

The hoop was specially designed so that it could withstand the volatile weather by being carefully placed with the aid of a helicopter and an on-site production team of 35 people.

The main challenge was the weather unstability, giving only 5 actual hours for the crew to set up the hoop, shoot the film and transfer the hoop back to base camp.

The film itself became viral around the world following the WOM of Giannis’s MVP announcement.