Onassis National Transplant Centre Press Event
Client: Onassis Foundation

On 31st October, 2018, the Onassis Foundation presented their new initiative in Health, the Onassis National Transplant Center, to the medical community and the Press.


We were asked to design a visual identity for the event, based on the new logos of the OCSC and its new sister-hospital, the ONTRC and the motto “It’s a matter of Health. It’s a matter of Culture.”


The podium and stage centrepiece were designed to resemble the Greek letter “Ω” (omega) that makes up both logos and derives from the name “Onassis”.


Three LED screens were set up and used as a single or as individual pieces that initiated the presentation by showing an impressive 3D animated video that introduced the subject.


The host of the evening, Mrs Popi Tsapanidou, welcomed the President of the Onassis Foundation, Dr Anthony S. Papadimitriou and moderated a panel of leading figures in the medical and, specifically, the transplant community.