OPAP @ Athens Authentic Marathon 2016
Client: The Newtons Laboratory for OPAP

To express in a singular and effective way OPAP’s campaign under the name “Something Better” that called audiences to raise money for the renovation of 2 major Children Hospitals. The activation should be simple, quick and inviting in order to attract as many people as possible. LEGO blocks became the creative finding to manifest the idea that we can built something better all together. An imposing open pavillion was created at the Sponsors Village of Athens Authentic Marathon to host the activation. The pavilion featured a vertical LED screen on its front side to continuously showcase the amount of money raised for the occasion. Visitors entered the pavilion, wrote their name on a LEGO block and used it to built a decorative centerpiece. For every LEGO block 10 Euros were added for the cause. To further boost the activation, 2 additional locations were used to host the idea. The windows of Attica were decorated accordingly, spreading the word for the activation. At the same time, mini stations were staged inside the 2 Children Hospitals where kids, parents, doctors and celebrity guests built their own constrictions. In the end of the day more than 10.000 people took part and made it possible for something better to happen.