OPAP @ Athens Authentic Marathon 2017
Client: The Newtons Laboratory for OPAP

OPAP’s campaign “Contribution Squad” called audiences to help raise money for the renovation of the Children’s Hospitals in Greece.
This year’s pavillion was more than 6m tall, making it the tallest and most imposing structure in the sponsor’s village. Runners, their families and OPAP’s employees and campaign ambassadors were all invited to the huge structure to become part of the festivities.
But what makes a squad?
The pavillion was equiped with a huge cube made out of LED screens, using the latest technology and a custom-made structure. From then on the mission was simple: people were invited to take a photo and become members of the contribution squad. All members of the Contribution Squad were immediately shown upon the LED structure. For each photo, OPAP would increase the total contribution towards the renovation for 2 Euros.
During the week before the Marathon, a photo station was staged inside both of the Children’s Hospitals, where kids, parents, doctors and staff were invited to become members of the squad.
At the end of the day more than 3.000 people joined in and became one team for the kids.