PAOK 90 Years
Client: Admine for PAOK

To conceive and perform a grand & emotionally arising event for the landmark celebration of PAOK’s 90 Years. Being one of the most prominent athletic clubs in Greece with a highly committed following, PAOK called for an event that would honor the past, highlight the future and become a memory. In order to create a tangible connection with the team’s fueling power - their fans -, the main stage element was a bleacher that was used both as a mapping projection surface and as a structural space that would host guests. The event was rich in content. Animated videos showcased the team’s path through the years, important figures were awarded for their dedication to the team, active athletes emphasized the club’s present, young athletes reassured the future, a total of more than 150 people climbed the stage and got actively involved in the set design. Music was the binding factor that connected all the dots in the flow. 2 separate music pieces were rearranged by one of the most talented young Greek composers and were performed live by a 30 member symphonic orchestra, a team of drummers and a selected pull of top musicians. One of them was the team’s anthem, which was rearranged for the first time as a symphonic rock piece and was performed live with 6 professional singers, 40 young athletes and 1500 guests singing along in an epic finale.