Papastratos Marlboro Advance Blue Launch
Client: Philip Morris International


To ultimately transform an authentic black box gig venue into an impressive, technologically advanced landscape with the intent to launch the new Marlboro Advance Blue. The brief was pretty straightforward. It had to be strong, it had to be modern, it had to breathe technology and it had to result into wow effect. Using the brand’s distinctive blue color as a dominant element and led technology as a common platform, the whole venue was turned into a futuristic set with hundreds of led lines and led screens. The presentation commenced with a bow and an arrow in the style of the sci fi Hunger Games, that shattered the main led screen. Holograms were used in addition to the established presenters, creating a dialogue between the present and the future and allowing the new product to arrive on set through what looked like a spatiotemporal portal. In order to distribute the new product a dozen of models wearing futuristic haute couture outfits entered the venue and further added to the crowd’s amazement. The event was completed with original blue treats and cocktails, served by otherworldly waiters with white hair, and a great rock gig by the My Excuse band.