Papastratos Pavilion @ 83rd TIF
Client: Papastratos


For their 83rd outing, Thessaloniki International Fair embarked on an important journey to make the biggest Expo in the Balkans “smoke free”, a symbolic gesture that urged exhibitors and visitors not to smoke while in the Fairgrounds. Papastratos embraced this initiative and supported their efforts to promote a smoke-free future.
We were asked to design and construct an approx. 100 sq.m. Pavilion where the vision and work behind this great revolution would be showcased to the visitors.

Visitors were greeted at an arch made to resemble the company’s logo and were then guided to the main pavilion that stood at 5m height. There, people from Papastratos offered a guided tour through the vision, the revolution and the science behind a smoke-free future. This main space of the pavilion was equipped with 4K screens and backlit graphics that provided all the necessary information, together with printed texts on the wall. At the end of the guided tour visitors had the chance to witness the difference between cigarettes and RRPs through a machine that infused cotton disks with the respective smoke.

After the guided tour, visitors could enjoy a cup of coffee in the lounge area while learning how coffee and PMI’s RRPs use similar heating technology to provide maximum satisfaction from tobacco, just like coffee. An outside seating area, secluded from the rest of the fair with high plants, offered the ideal space to enjoy coffee and IQOS together.

The pavilion was busy throughout all the days of the 83rd TIF, with visitors enjoying the exhibition and lounge areas from day one until the very end of the Fair.