Papastratos @ TIF 2019


For the second consecutive year, the Thessaloniki International Fair declared itself as smoke-free. Papastratos was once again by their side, supporting them in bringing the fair to the smoke-free future they had imagined.

Our challenge was to transform a pre-existing structure, located inside the Fair’s grounds, into a stunning pavilion that would represent the company’s values and vision for the future.

A month’s worth of work was put in order to restore two dome structures in excellent condition. All floors and electrical equipment were replaced while all surfaces and walls were washed and repainted. A new exit door was built and the garden, right outside the two domes, was tucked into a decked lounge area, complete with an operational bar and storage space. Moreover, an extra building was added to the complex that would serve as the lecture area for the company’s Communications Team. Finally, wooden beams were added as fencing and decoration around the whole area.

Inside the structures, we decided to “embrace" the dome shape and line the rooms with white elements, creating an optical illusion for size and structure. The first dome was dedicated to the vision of Papastratos of working for a better future for everyone, with the company’s campaign spread out around the room. The second dome showcased the strides in technology that PMI has achieved on an international level. After visiting the domes, visitors were guided to the decked garden area where they had the chance to have a first-hand experience with IQOS, PMI’s leading tobacco heating device.