Proorismos Papastratos
Client: Philip Morris International

To breathe life into the old premises of the historic Greek tobacco brand Papastratos at Piraeus in order to achieve its complete transformation into a fully functional event venue with modern aesthetics. The project was both demanding and challenging: an area of 5.000 sq.m. in total - that had been closed for more than 11 years - had to be reimagined and redesigned. It took a thorough dive into the brand’s history and a profound look into the company’s dynamic presence in the Greek society & economy to give a unique character and shape to the place. An exclusive identity was designed for the new venue under the name “Proorismos Papastratos”. The venue was divided into 3 clearly marked sections. The old printing premises were devoted to the past and were rearranged as a museum with hundrends of authentic exhibits and explicit illustrations of the brand’s history. The storage area was split in 2 distinctive venues: one representing the “Present” - manifesting it through dynamic videos, impressive LED screens, touch screen technology and large scale inspiring branding - and the other declaring the “Future” - in a chamber designed with real plants and natural materials as core elements to introduce the brand’s revolutionary product IQOS -. The yard was stationed with custom furniture, specially designed bar facilities and catering stations for the service of all hosted events, while an original stage for live performances was set. “Proorismos Papastratos” has hosted more than 10 events and more that 10.000 guests since its first day of operation in June 2016.