“See the light” Digital photo exhibition
Client: DIMAND

After a year full of changes and challenges, our goal with this project was to give an extra festive vibe in the city and fill people with hope and positivity.

Following the Christmas lighting Illumination Of the Tower Of Piraeus 2020, a historical building enlighten by the latest modern technology and inspired by the audience's positive feedback, we came up with an idea to create a digital exhibition due to  COVID 19 restrictions. An amazing team of 24 established photographers from different backgrounds came together to an art synergy and had the opportunity to photograph freely the brightest part of the city, the Tower of Piraeus, based and related on their own aesthetic and artistic look. Our goal was to create a unique virtual experience where everyone would had the opportunity to watch and participate. After a careful selection of photographs and art curation, 24 exhibits were placed in a 3D environment inside the 22nd - floor- Tower in a way that the viewer would have a complete and full experience of the exhibition and discover the illuminated Tower of Piraeus, which was enlightend at Christmas time, as a modern symbol of hope, optimism and creativity.