SingularityU Greece Summit 2020 - UNLEARN
Client: Singularity University Greece

ΥΑRD in collaboration with Singularity University Greece, designed, planned and executed the production of 2020’s digital summit, under the thematic title UNLEARN.

On November 23rd & 24th, the 10hour agenda of each day broadcasted live from Athens Greece. The challenge was to design & build from scratch an innovative arena, with a 360° LED screen set up, where participants, both audience and speakers could interact with the hosts and each other.
The outcome was a totally immersive experience for all attendees.

The hosts & keynote speakers on site, along with the 40 distant speakers from all around the globe, could connect and interact live with the 3500 digital viewers and at the same time all attendees participated to several polls and private sessions via the streaming platform.

2020 was a year of radical change, so SingularityU Greece managed to bring world class thought leadership on Exponential Technologies and the way to disrupt business and society.