SingularityU GREECE SUMMIT 2021- Reimagine
Client: Singularity University Greece

YARD, in collaboration with Singularity University Greece, designed, planned and executed for another year, the production of 2021’s virtual summit, REIMAGINE
SingularityU Greece Summit and Reimagine is a world- class business conference, streaming online for 2 days in a row, with over 10hours of agenda every day, 20+ speakers online and broadcasted live from the studio with over 3500 attendees watching live from all over the world. This year's programme,  opened a window to the world of exponential technologies and learned how to leverage them for growth and positive impact on business field and society. This year we had to overcome the difficulties of the pandemic and be able to design and execute an even more demanding and powerful set design than last year, that can accomodate such important speakers physically and virtually by the use of the latest modern technologies.