TAP Construction Inauguration Ceremony
Client: Trans Adriatic Pipeline


To plan, design and execute an extremely high profile VVIP event for the inauguration ceremony of the construction site aka the pipeyard of TAP, one of the most important and promising business endeavors in the domain of natural gas worldwide. The actual event - that demanded preproduction of more than 3 months - was held in Thessaloniki and was split into 3 stages that called for exceptional protocol, production and handling skills to see everything completed. At first, there was the accreditation and transportation of the guests who had to enter safely and quickly inside a venue that was under lock-down for security reasons. Then, a niche presentation with an impressive curved led screen was held for the guests to get them acquainted with the construction progress and the benefits form the TAP project. Finally, the Heads of all the international delegations were transferred to the pipeyard, where a symbolic event took place with the Heads signing on an actual pipe. The project was concluded with a cocktail party that ran in parallel to a set of bilateral meetings and networking among the international guests.