The Eliinikon Webinars: Marina Tower & Marina Galleria
Client: The Ellinikon / Lamda Development


Watch the complete webinars here:


Marina Tower


Coastal Front & Marina Galleria


In July 2021, LAMDA Development commenced on a series of digital presentations on the Ellinikon Project, the biggest urban regeneration project in Europe.


In collaboration with V&O, we were asked to film and produce 30-minute webinars, that will coincide with the project’s look and feel, while keeping up with its highly technological character. The main speakers were the company’s CEO and the Chief Development Officers, in charge of each individual project that was presented. The first two webinars tackled the residential Marina Tower and the Coastal Front & Marina Galleria.


We used the Athens Olympic Museum to set up a TV studio, where we shot the presentations. The set incorporated scenic elements representing each subject, along with a large scale HD LED screen, used in film productions. Video material on the screen corresponded to what the presenter was saying in his speech at each moment.


The presentations aimed at making the Ellinikon project clear for all invited journalists and the general public, who could watch the webinars on YouTube. The storytelling began with journalist Katerina Panagopoulou’s introduction and the presentation of the general areas of interest in Ellinikon and the coastal front, by LAMDA Development CEO, mr. Odysseas Athanasiou. Then, each Chief Development Officer took on presenting the architectural designs of the new landmarks, with help from Lamda’s collaborators and the head architects of the new developments from renowned firms Foster & Partners and Kengo Kuma and Associates. Each webinar closed with a short video presenting in detail each new building with 3D renders and graphics.


We edited each webinar in order to achieve the most correct and complete transmission of information about the project, combining the footage from the shooting, along with lifestyle shots and 3D renders, that linked the presentation to the image in full frame. This created a fast, rhythmic final products that succeeded in keeping the viewer’s interest high in all parts. At the same time, impressive graphics and 3D VFX were used to bring Ellinikon to life on the audience’s screens. For each webinar we used a different musical theme, while sound design and final mixing was done, once again, in order to maintain the viewer’s attention, without distracting from the intended messaging.


For the general public, the webinars premiered on YouTube, while journalists had received invitations for a separate screening on a specially designed platform. There they could ask their questions, which were then answered on Lamda Development’s website. At the same time, there was special care for the translation and subtitling of the webinars, in order to encourage both the English-speaking public and foreign journalists to watch the events.


Each webinar was watched by about 250 journalists, while on YouTube, at the time of the premiere, more than 14.000 people connected to watch.