The Ellinikon Experience Centre Opening Video
Client: The Ellinikon / Lamda Development in Collaboration with V&O

In April 2022, The Ellinikon Experience Centre opened its doors to welcome visitors into the future of the largest regeneration project in Europe.
In order to introduce the new visitor centre to the audience, we created this short video that highlights the renovated hangar and all areas of interest inside.

The main concepts of the video are both discovery and revelation, aiming to showcase the Experience Centre. Together with the main protagonist, we are invited to “open doors” and revel in the amazing exhibition, where the future is unveiled in front of our eyes. Her emotions become our emotions, making us all “feel” how unique and special this place is.

The Experience Centre is a destination for everyone. After all, The Ellinikon will be an oasis within the city of Athens, that will bring us closer to nature and new-found experiences with smart and sustainable technologies. This is what we aimed to focus on through this video, noting that the Experience Centre is definitely a great place where you can learn and be entertained through unique experiences.

The camera moves smoothly following the young visitor. It moves closer to her face where we can share her reactions as she discovers every detail of this multi-faceted project. In other instances, wider shots and dynamic travelling movements unravel the majesty of the Experience Centre and its amazing ambience. Most importantly, the camera focuses on the different experiences that can be lived inside the Experience Centre, the projections, video, content and impressive interactive elements.

The video aims for clean and bright cinematography, that is also technological and premium, with lighting changes and dynamic lense movements that imprint the Experience Centre in its fullest.