The Ellinikon Experience Park Launch Event
Client: The Ellinikon / Lamda Development

In December 21st 2021, Lamda Development introduced to the public The Ellinikon Experience Park, as the very first part of the Ellinikon Project.


YARD’s challenge was to design and deliver a fully immersive experience inside this brand-new space, open to all audiences, during Christmas period.


Our creative curation, production design and implementation process, consists of a series of exclusive technological and state-of-the-art installations, along with minimal & yet impressive Christmas decorations enhanced by the tailor-made festive lighting design, aiming to highlight the innovative infrastructure of the park.


The main gate, an impressive installation of industrial design, showcasing the identity of The Ellinikon Experience Park, is the starting point of the guest’s exploration of the park.


The imposing Stalactite, the impressive Helios and the unique Photonio, three magical light installations that showcase the dynamic and the vibe of the park, blend seamlessly with its natural aesthetic.


The Stalactite, located in the Golden Fields, is a monumental kinetic light installation created by Christopher Bauder and Boris Divider.  Its lights animate in the shape of an inverted pyramid and pulsate to electronic music, creating complex shapes & light patterns.


In the Zen Garden, visitors find themselves immersed in a field full of light and motion, which is created by the tailor-made lighting installation Helios, designed by Algorithm. More than 7,500 custom LED spheres create a huge digital canvas where colors wash over the Zen Garden accompanied by a harmonic bespoke audio composition.


The Photonio, the beam of light, which signaled the Park’s position in the Athenian landscape, was visible all over Attica and quickly became a point of reference for all guests, designed by George Tellos, Lighting Art & YARD.


Last but not least, the main feature of the Christmas decorations was the 17-meter-high Christmas tree, nestled in Plaza A. A custom installation composed of 180 real firs, which along with 50 more decorative Christmas trees, which were donated for reforestation after the festive season.


The Ellinikon Experience Park was transformed into a colorful canvas filled with lights & emotions, becoming the talk of the town for 4 consecutive weeks.