The Ellinikon Experience Park Lighting Video
Client: The Ellinikon / Lamda Development

In order to introduce The Ellinikon Experience Park to the audience, we created a short video that aimed to play with light and result in something so special that will correspond to the special experience that visitors will have inside the Park.


The main idea was that a single light will travel sequentially through the park’s different areas while gradually revealing to us what visitors will find there. We tried to use a clean and realistic cinematic aesthetic, that along with intense dramatisation, will result in the gradual revelation of the park and its magical installations. Every little detail, whether it is the monumental aviation hangars, the brand new playground, the Christmas tree, the main gate or the gardens and the plazas, was individually illuminated and emerged as parts of the route that people will follow.


The camera with a strong sense of curiosity follows the light to discover the park, while drones were used in unconventional ways to add imaginative details in the narrative going into unexpected places, tracking the park’s character and “touching” the installations, the trees and its magnificence.


Gradually, almost ceremoniously, the park is lighted and we see it in all its glory, then we move on its details travelling through the playground, the Christmas decorations, the art installations, the fountain and the plazas. The light travels everywhere and we travel with it, all the way to the impressive Christmas tree that shares joy and happiness.


The video was shot in two nights right before the park was open to the public. Rushes were edited immediately to make sure the video is released simultaneously with the inauguration of the park. We wanted to make this occasion special, so we created original music and lyrics, influenced by the Park’s brand and identity.