The Ellinikon Webinar: Commercial Hub
Client: The Ellinikon / Lamda Development

Watch the complete webinar here:


In the final webinar for 2021, Lamda Development presented the most innovative development project in The Ellinikon. The Commercial Hub is truly a destination of the future that will mark The Ellinikon and Athens as a commercial and business destination.


This multi-faceted development was the most challenging to bring to life, due to its sheer size and complexity. In collaboration with V&O, we were asked to film and produce the 20-minute presentation led by Lamda Development’s CEO, Mr. Odisseas Athanasiou and the project’s Chief Development Officer, Mrs Melina Paizi.

We were keen to create the most unique set so far, that would resemble The Ellinikon Commercial Hub's unique architectural features. Different textures, patterns, curves and plants were used to recreate the Hub’s final look and feel. In the 150 sq.m. of the set, the speakers were able to move around and make their presentations from various different spots, each with a unique character. This way we were able to convey the aspects that make the Commercial Hub unique, while also staying true to the identity set by the previous webinars.


We also made great use of the available post-production tools. This time around we created a complete 3D model of the new development, which helped us showcase its different areas of interest and the elements that make it noteworthy. The Commercial Hub came to life inside the set in its whole, while innovative 3D elements contributed to explaining to the audience how it will truly become a business destination. We also explained through immersive visuals what the future holds for shopping malls and how the visitors will have a completely new experience inside the Commercial Hub.


Last but not least, we were joined by Lamda Development’s partners from the Fourlis Group and Piraeus Bank, as well as the architects from AEDAS, Hong Kong’s leading architectural firm, responsible for designing and implementing this astonishing new project in Athens.


The webinar premiered on YouTube in Greek and English, while invited journalists were able to view on a dedicated platform where they were able to submit their questions about the themes discussed.


Director - Nicholas Dimitropoulos
DoP - Ramon Malapetsas
Commercial Hub 3D Animation - Christos Magganas
3D Graphics Animation - Mascista
The Ellinikon Masterplan Animation - DBOX
Editing & Post Production - Kent Films
Color Correction - Manthos Sardis
Sound Design - Stavros Gasparatos