We were assigned the concept, design, production and execution of the launch party of VOGUE GREECE.


The event took place on the evening of May 30, 2019, at Zonars Athens.


The historic restaurant was transformed into a glamorous party venue and our main challenge was to incorporate the branding and set design elements of the event into the interior design of the venue.


A main stage with a LED screen and an imposing lighting installation of the VOGUE logo, 4 peripheral LED screens, resembling the covers of the magazine, and a chic photo opportunity corner were the main elements of the set design.


Once all invitees arrived at the venue, the Editor in Chief and the Publisher came up on stage to push the button and make the announcement for the new VOGUE issue and website. A special countdown video with sound effects was developed to build up and emphasise the moment of the presentation.


As soon as the countdown was complete, the new cover and website of the magazine were officially revealed to the public on all the LED screens in the venue.


The party ensued, and all guests had a chance to celebrate with the magazine, network and dance until the first late hours.