Awards & Distinctions
Ermis Awards 2018

Gold for NIKE We Fly Athens
Silver for Papastratos TIF 2018
Silver for Aegean PA Ceremony
Bronze for Kotsovolos ‘Thanks to Tech 2018"


Ermis Awards 2017

Gold for NIKE Giannis All Star Celebration
Silver for NIKE Giannis All Star Celebration
Silver for Kotsovolos "Thanks to Tech 2017"


Event Awards 2017

Platinum for PAOK 90 years
Platinum for Proorismos Papastratos
Platinum for NIKE Greek Freak Celebration

Gold for PAOK 90 years
Gold for Proorismos Papastratos  (Best Exhibitions)
Gold for Proorismos Papastratos (Design/Branding)
Gold for NIKE Greek Freak Celebration

Gold for Kotsovolos "Flaghsip Store Opening"
Gold for the ''Η CLUB'' Heineken UEFA Champions League Public Screening Events

Silver for Kotsovolos "Thanks to Tech" Exhibition

Bronze for NIKE Air Max Day
Bronze for Assos Launch @ Renovated Papastratos Factory
Bronze for Trans Adriatic Pipeline Construction Inauguration Ceremony


Ermis Awards 2016
Grand Ermis Production 2016 "Proorismos Papastratos"

Ermis Gold - Assos Relaunch @ Proorismos Papastratos
Ermis Gold - Trans Adriatic Pipeline for "Construction Inauguration Ceremony"

Ermis Gold - Proorismos Papastratos - Design & Construction Development

Ermis Gold - Proorismos Papastratos - Venue Branding
Ermis Silver - 90 Years Shell in Greece

Ermis Silver - Kotsovolos "Thanks to Tech" Exhibition


Event Awards 2016

Gold for 90 Years Shell in Greece - Event of the Year

Gold for 90 Years Shell in Greece - Best Corporate Event

Gold for Dixons South East Europe "Journey Through Technology"

Gold for Magazine Pop Up Store

Gold for Ermis Awards 2014

Silver for Nike Woman Club Launch

Silver for NN Sales Meeting 2015

Silver for WHAT'S UP @ Rockwave Festival Sponsoership

Silver for COSMOTE Robbie Williams Concert Sponsorship

Silver for Marlboro Blue Brand Series

Bronze for XBOX One Press Tour


Ermis Awards 2015
Production Company of the Year 2015

Ermis Gold - Lady Gaga Concert Sponsorship
Ermis Gold - Glow Pop Up Store
Ermis Silver - Robbie Williams Concert Sponsorship

Ermis Silver - Journey Through Technology

Ermis Silver - Ant1 New Programm Presentation

Ermis Silver - Downton Abbey Season 5 Press Event

Ermis Silver - Cosmote Branding Megaro OTE

Ermis Silver - Lady Gaga Concert Activations

Ermis Bronze - Cosmote Branding Megaro OTE

Ermis Bronze - Black Keys Concert Activations

Ermis Awards 2014
Grand Ermis Production 2014 "NIKE We Run Athens 2013"

Ermis Gold - NIKE We Run Athens 2013
Ermis Silver - NIKE Flyknit
Ermis Silver - Greek League of Legends

Ermis Awards 2013

Grand Ermis Production 2013 "WIND 360o Photorama"

Ermis Gold - WIND 360o Photorama

Ermis Gold - NIKE We Run Athens 10K

Ermis Bronze - COSMOTE Christmas Activities

Ermis Awards 2012

Ermis Gold - NIKE Kobe Bryant Pavillion

Ermis Gold - Pavlides 150 Years Chocolate Museum

Honorary Award - NIKE Kobe Bryant Athens Tour



77th Thessaloniki International Fair

Best Pavilion -  WIND 360o Photorama